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Our Collaborative Journey: A Fusion of Nouosh Interiors and Noush Staging

With a rich background spanning over five years in the dynamic field of interior design, I embarked on this transformative journey by earning my bachelor’s degree from Ryerson School of Interior Design. Throughout my career, I’ve collaborated with a diverse range of clients, including homeowners, realtors, and contractors, all united by the common mission of reshaping and revitalizing living and working spaces. My portfolio extends across numerous residential and commercial projects, leaving an indelible mark on spaces throughout Ontario.

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Crafting Timeless Interiors from Global Heritage

Roots and Reverie: Unveiling the Tapestry of Inspirations

As an ardent art enthusiast, I find inspiration in the intricate relationship between design and nature. This passion is evident in my work, where I seamlessly incorporate organic forms and natural materials, breathing life into each project. I am known for my hands-on approach, actively engaging in every aspect of the design process to ensure a meticulous and personalized outcome.

My design philosophy revolves around the belief that a space should not only be visually appealing but should also resonate with its occupants on a deeper level. By tapping into the emotions and unique stories of my clients, my goal is to bring out the best in each space, creating environments that authentically express and embody the narratives of those who inhabit them.

Boho Bliss

Discover the charm of the Mediterranean with our Boho Bliss style. Influenced by the tranquil landscapes and whitewashed architecture of Santorini, Greece, this style brings a breezy, laid-back vibe to your space. Think warm earth tones, natural textures, and an abundance of greenery, creating an inviting oasis that captures the essence of island living.

Minimal Modern Elegance:

Embrace the beauty of simplicity with our Minimal Modern Elegance style. Clean lines, neutral palettes, and a focus on functionality define this aesthetic. Inspired by modern design principles, this style radiates sophistication and creates a serene atmosphere. Experience the harmonious blend of form and function, bringing a timeless modernity to your home or office.

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